187 Killer Pads Standard Elbow Pads Black, Black

 187 Killer Pads Standard Elbow Pads Black, Black
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Mom Approves

We know your mom shops for you sometimes. Hello mom! We've got a list of kid friendly skateboarding gear as far as graphics and company image go to give you some ideas on getting little Timmy fitted and kitted.

Cruiser and Longboard Wheels

It''s a fine line between cruisers and longboards. We will let you discuss that among yourselves. Here, we''ve got the big softies you need to equip your casual pusher properly.

Five Panel

Do you remember when fitted hats and six panels got knocked off everyone's heads by the big five panel trend a few years ago? I think it was the early days of Odd Future and Tyler that really helped kick off the change in domepiece attire. These days, five panel hats still run strong.

Pros in Business

Sure, everyone says 'Support Skater Owned,' but one category we're backing hard is current and former pros that start their own companies. From Brian Anderson starting 3D to Ragdoll starting Hurt Life, keep backing these dudes until the wheels come off.

I Just Wanna Party

After the skate session, these are the supplies you're going to need when the sun goes down and you're ready to post up in the chill out tent.

Standard Elbow Pads Details

You have to have your arms to balance right? Protect them with these black sliders.

About 187 Killer Pads

187 Killer Pads Skateboarding Stuff In Stock Now 187 has been designing and constructing pads for the last 10 years and is the preferred choice of pads for skateboarders worldwide. Their crew includes Alex Sorgente and the most famous padded man alive, Andy Mac!

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We think skateboarding is one of the safest activities there is, but if you're new to it or super young, you may want to consider pads and helmets while you learn to fall and get better at skateboarding.

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