Doom Sayers DSC X Knowledge Vest Black

 Doom Sayers DSC X Knowledge Vest Black
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We get lots of girls asking us questions about what to buy their boyfriends as gifts. We collected a few ideas for you here.

Skateboard Hipster

Are you the first ones with joggers? You wore camo before its comeback? You HUF socks before it was legal? Browse here to stay on top of the fashion game.

Six Panel

The six panel hat is a classic and still holds strong today even though five panel hats are more common. Who would have ever thought the six panel would have been dethroned as the champ of headwear that had a good solid two decade run in skateboarding?


Whether it's the old tobacco or the new greens that some states have legalized, we've got those things for those of you who inhale.


The cleanest cut shredders run chinos and somehow no matter how dirty you get them, you still look dressed up for something. You need these for going to court for that skateboard ticket, too.

DSC X Knowledge Vest Details

What tough guy look would be complete without a hard-hitting vest to boot? Double thick zipper and stitching for added durability.

About Omar Salazar

Sponsors & Shouts
Spitfire wheels, Independent Trucks, Nike, Hard Luck Bearings, Jessup Griptape, Supreme, Doom Sayers

From: Sacramento CA. Stance: Regular. 33 years old.

About Doom Sayers

Doom Sayers Skateboarding Stuff In Stock Now Snake and destroy! We've been fans of Omar Salazar ever since the early days of him skating our am contests. We're backing his new clothing brand and the snakebite handshake here in The Boardr Store.

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Why does the hoodie still to this day have a bad rap associated with thugness?  Sweaters, however, are the opposite.  We grouped them together here to try to make them play nice with each other.

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