HUF Gas Station Button Up Shirt Blue

 HUF Gas Station Button Up Shirt Blue
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Date Night aka Nice Guy

The button down is referred to as a 'Nice Guy' also useful on date night and the court date you got on that skateboard ticket.

Clean Cut

It's not just crusty skateboards at The Boardr Store. We have a good selection of things you need to stay looking clean and sharp. Combine with the 'Date Night' category and you're the local Dylan Rieder of your hometown.

My Girlfriend Loves

There are plenty of things your girl can pull off in The Boardr Store like Vans Sk8-Hi's and RIPNDIP button ups. We've collected a few of those things here for you that are far better than any generic flowers or candy.

Rubber Toe Shoes

The rubber toe kicked its way into skate shoes in 2014 or so and continues strong into 2016. It's amazing seeing the divide between people who love them and people who hate. We're backing them here at The Boardr.

Artist Work

Skateboarding and artists have always had crossover, both being obvious art forms. This spills over into many brands and products we carry designed by artists we're proud to back here at The Boardr. Have a look and support some of the best and most creative people in skateboarding.

About Keith Hufnagel

Sponsors & Shouts
Real, Thunder, Spitfire, HUF, Beng, IVI

Stance: Goofy.

About HUF

HUF Skateboarding Stuff In Stock Now Pro skateboarder Keith Hufnagel moved to San Francisco in 1992 after growing up in NYC. He's been the streets mayor of SF since. When Keith started HUF, it was just a shop in San Francisco's Tenderloin District. Now HUF makes some of the most bangin' gear in skateboarding. People who don't even smoke run those weed socks. The footwear division is killing it, too. Welcome HUF to The Boardr Store.

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Some skateboarders pull off the button up nicely.  Others would only be seen in one when standing in front of a judge.  Sometimes they come in handy for a first date, too. Mom also seems to like it when you button up.

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