Ant Apparel Leatherface T Shirt Black

 Ant Apparel Leatherface T Shirt Black
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Pocket tees are on a serious comeback in skateboarding in recent years. Don't put any pens or protractors in that pocket, you nerd.

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The basic t-shirt is almost like one of the building blocks of skateboarding like trucks and wheels. They're important. Choose wisely. We'll help you as you browse here.


Sunglasses are all over the spectrum, literally, in skateboarding. Some are $10, some are well into the hundreds. We've got most of the spectrum to choose from, but it's up to you to figure out the appropriate time and place to run these. Certain people can pull them off at night or in the club, while others just don't look right even with them on in the daytime.


My earliest memories of the bucket hat taking over skateboard headwear was when Earl Sweatshirt started to run them constantly in the early days of Odd Future. These days, everyone has to have one in their headwear lineup.


Most people think Vans shoes when it comes to Vulcanized. Vulcanized shoes have a softer sole and generally have better board feel.

About Ant Apparel

Ant Apparel Skateboarding Stuff In Stock Now Anthony Verde is a long time Florida local in the skateboarding community here. His recent venture into the apparel domain is appropriately called Ant Apparel. Pocket tees with classic pop culture references from horror films to Time Magazine? We back it, or should we say we front it, front pocket it.

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The t shirt is the basic building block of skateboarding attire. The graphic that is on it says more about you than any psychologist could ever come up with. Chose wisely. Browse here and we will assist you.

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