Herschel Sutton Bag Black

 Herschel Sutton Bag Black

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Herschel Sutton Bag Black

The Sutton is the largest duffle from Herschel and is great for the long trip to the woods or overseas. Its larger volume is great for all of your most important clothing options. It features a reinforced base to handle all loads and a removable shoulder strap. I think you can probably even get crafty and use it as a belt, a nice upgrade from the shoelace belt you’ve been running since the 90’s.

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On a backpack, it's the little things that make it. The zipper tags, the lining, the stitch, and more are all little things you notice about Herschel bags that set them apart. Combine that with the top quality construction and unique designs and colors, and you've got a bag that we all are hyped to have on our backs here at The Boardr.

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