Sea Monster Hardware Hardware and Rolling Papers Black, Silver

 Sea Monster Hardware Hardware and Rolling Papers Black, Silver
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Whether it's the old tobacco or the new greens that some states have legalized, we've got those things for those of you who inhale.

Nuts and Bolts

Those lowly nuts and bolts, aka Hardware, have had quite a decorated history in skateboarding. Some of the biggest companies in the industry started out as hardware and now have their owners flying to the skateboard shindig in private jets.

Rubber Toe Shoes

The rubber toe kicked its way into skate shoes in 2014 or so and continues strong into 2016. It's amazing seeing the divide between people who love them and people who hate. We're backing them here at The Boardr.

Old School Shapes

We've been skating for a long time here at The Boardr, so we find it hard to believe that some kids don't even realize shapes are old school, not a new thing started by Welcome Skateboards. Crazy shapes came first, then evolved to the classic popsicle stick, and now we're all in love with shapes again like a high school reunion.

Artist Work

Skateboarding and artists have always had crossover, both being obvious art forms. This spills over into many brands and products we carry designed by artists we're proud to back here at The Boardr. Have a look and support some of the best and most creative people in skateboarding.

Hardware and Rolling Papers Details

Everyone else gives you 8 nuts and bolts. Austin's goes above and beyond on his hardware just like his amazing illustration work and includes 32 rolling papers.

About Austin England

Sponsors & Shouts

From: Tampa FL.

About Sea Monster Hardware

Sea Monster Hardware Skateboarding Stuff In Stock Now Austin England, long time friend of The Boardr and one of the most recognizable illustrators you'll find out there these days recently went nuts. Not in the sense you'd think your average artist goes nuts. Nope, he's totally sane and started a hardware company that we're hyped to be backing. You might also recognize Austin's work in the category illustrations he did for The Boardr Store. Congrats on the new venture, Austin.

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Hardware are the nuts and bolts you need to put your skateboard together.  They attach the trucks to the board. You'd think it would be a boring category, but some of the biggest companies in skateboarding started in hardware.

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