Vans Slip On Pro Shoes Black (Thrasher)

 Vans Slip On Pro Shoes Black (Thrasher)

Vans Slip On Pro Shoes Black (Thrasher)

What a classic skate shoe, I mean, it’s taking me back to 2006 when everyone had a pair. It was even a classic then. Though not everyone knew the technicalities like this UltraCush HD sockliner, DuraCap Toe Bumper, and UpperOllie Underlays that were there making it far more than an average slip on. All that leads to increased durability so you have that extra cushioning where it is most needed and wanted when you go from chill mode to skate mode.

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Vans doesn't even need an introduction, right? Well, I'll introduce anyway. Skateboarders wear Vans. Skateboarders have always worn Vans, even far before Spicoli. The Waffle Grip and classic style have always been the perfect balance between form and function. We not only skate in Vans here at The Boardr, we work with them helping to execute some of their biggest events like the worldwide Vans Park Series every year. We're hyped to be carrying a brand that has been such a big part of skateboarding history. No matter how young or old you are, Vans is also part of your personal skateboard history, too. Thanks for picking them up from us.

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