Asphalt Yacht Club Clash Fleece Shorts Black, White

 Asphalt Yacht Club Clash Fleece Shorts Black, White
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I Just Wanna Party

After the skate session, these are the supplies you're going to need when the sun goes down and you're ready to post up in the chill out tent.


They'll Snap Chat, Tweet, and Insta your gear if you're in this collection of some of the more flamboyant gear we have in The Boardr Store.


Shorts are like the nickname of pants. Some people can run a good nickname and it's not weird at all. Other people you try to stick a nickname to and it just doesn't feel right. Take your approach to wearing shorts while skating with this caution. I still never wear shorts while skating, but for the chill out tent, shorts are mandatory. That's why we got these.

Nuts and Bolts

Those lowly nuts and bolts, aka Hardware, have had quite a decorated history in skateboarding. Some of the biggest companies in the industry started out as hardware and now have their owners flying to the skateboard shindig in private jets.

My Boyfriend Loves

We get lots of girls asking us questions about what to buy their boyfriends as gifts. We collected a few ideas for you here.

About Stevie Williams

Sponsors & Shouts
DGK, Supra, Gold Wheels, Venture, Diamond, Bones Swiss, Nixon, Mob Grip

From: Philadelphia PA. Stance: Goofy.

About Asphalt Yacht Club

Asphalt Yacht Club Skateboarding Stuff In Stock Now Comfort. Quality. Individuality. Success. This is Asphalt Yacht Club. From the mind of skateboarding legend Stevie Williams comes a clothing line that celebrates the individual and their will to succeed. No matter what your destination, AYC's collections offer the top-shelf quality and fresh design you need to get you there. We recently welcomed AYC to The Boardr Store and are excited about working with them not just in retail, but in other events we do like the Grind for Life Series in Florida. The team features professional skateboarders Stevie Williams, Stefan Janoski, Nyjah Huston, and Justin "Figgy" Figueroa as well as ams Riley Hawk, Ben Nordberg, Derrick Wilson, and Blake Carpenter. Jaws was the most recent addtion in April 2014. We recently had a chat with Stevie Williams about AYC in The Boardr Store, too.

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Your pants say a lot about you.  Most of you know this, but for those of you that don't, let me just say these two words: 'dad jeans'. Don't be caught dead or especially at the skate spot in them. We got you with the proper pants here.

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