Coalatree Organics CT Pocket T Shirt Black

 Coalatree Organics CT Pocket T Shirt Black
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Pocket tees are on a serious comeback in skateboarding in recent years. Don't put any pens or protractors in that pocket, you nerd.


Whether it's a classic black shoe with a white sole or a clean tee with a small, tight graphic, it's never a mistake to stick to the basics in the skateboard fashion world.

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The basic t-shirt is almost like one of the building blocks of skateboarding like trucks and wheels. They're important. Choose wisely. We'll help you as you browse here.


Shoes are almost as important as your skateboard. Actually, some would argue that they're more important. Browse them all here. We only stock the good ones.

Reissue Boards

Reissue boards are not just remakes and reissues of old shapes and graphics, they're reissues of your youth, skateboarding being the fountain of that youth. Go straight back to childhood with our selection of reissue boards that seem to be flying off the shelves of every skate shop out there now that nostalgia is at an all time high with so many 40 year old plus skateboarders out there.

About Coalatree Organics

Coalatree Organics Skateboarding Stuff In Stock Now Our homie and Magenta pro Jimmy Lannon is on the Coalatree squad. They're making shirts and other gear in a natural and organic way, many of which are also made from recycled materials. They have an organic farm in New Castle, Colorado and live the life, skateboarding of course included.

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The t shirt is the basic building block of skateboarding attire. The graphic that is on it says more about you than any psychologist could ever come up with. Chose wisely. Browse here and we will assist you.

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