Glassy Sunhaters Marc Johnson Sunglasses Wood

 Glassy Sunhaters Marc Johnson Sunglasses Wood
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They'll Snap Chat, Tweet, and Insta your gear if you're in this collection of some of the more flamboyant gear we have in The Boardr Store.


Sunglasses are all over the spectrum, literally, in skateboarding. Some are $10, some are well into the hundreds. We've got most of the spectrum to choose from, but it's up to you to figure out the appropriate time and place to run these. Certain people can pull them off at night or in the club, while others just don't look right even with them on in the daytime.

Hats and Beanies

We all know someone who just looks funny wearing a hat or anything on their head for that matter.  How does it get to that point?  It's from not wearing hats and a variety of them often enough. We got you right here.

Six Panel

The six panel hat is a classic and still holds strong today even though five panel hats are more common. Who would have ever thought the six panel would have been dethroned as the champ of headwear that had a good solid two decade run in skateboarding?

My Boyfriend Loves

We get lots of girls asking us questions about what to buy their boyfriends as gifts. We collected a few ideas for you here.

About Marc Johnson

Sponsors & Shouts
adidas, Thunder, Bones

From: Winston-Salem North Carolina. Stance: Regular.

About Glassy Sunhaters

Glassy Sunhaters Skateboarding Stuff In Stock Now Years ago I spent 24 hours in Simi Valley hanging with Mike Mo, slept on his couch, and partied at his local Simi Valley nightlife spot. He was filming for Pretty Sweet and just getting started with Glassy where one of the rooms in his house was filled with inventory. Glassy grew pretty quickly after that and now they're sitting on the face of a lot of your favorite pros, including Kenny Anderson, Biebel, Jaws, Marc Johnson, Sean Malto, Daewon, and more. They've got high end glass like the Marc Johnsons and more budget friendly sunhating shields like the Halfy and Derics. Thanks for having Glassy in The Boardr Store, Mike Mo.

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You'll find everything from belts to watches to odd shaped wax here in the Accessories category. You're a pizza with no toppings without accessories. Load up here and complete your kit with some attention to detail.

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