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On The Boardr: The Finals in South Africa and Photos from the Week

Monday, October 6, 2014

That crowd reaction when Nassim edged out Nyjah in the second round by just a few points was insane. They almost brought all the tents down. Here's the recap of the ripping in the Finals of the Skateboarding World Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup in a new episode of On The Boardr. I've also got a camera dump below.

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On The Boardr at Roskilde Music Festival in Copenhagen

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Clements and Porpe went to Roskilde to host and announce some vert demos. The scene at Roskilde is quite a circus of European psycho. Take a glimpse into that Porpe Life here on another episode of On The Boardr along with some great photos from Neal Hendrix and Porpe Life himself.

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Street League Lurkin' On The Boardr: What Is Chris Cole's New Skateboard Company?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

You've seen all the skating at Street League on TV. We've got all the behind the scenes stuff. Porpe lurks up on everyone in attendance from Sean Malto to Ishod Wair and attempts to get the beans spilled on Chris Cole's new board company, talks with Nyjah about his house parties, Andrew Reynolds about his freestyle moves, and more. I've also got a few photos for you, of course.

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On The Boardr with Clint Walker: Shoe Sponsors, Herpes, X Games Real Street

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

HiDefJoe caught up with Clint Walker while we were recently in Las Vegas for a new episode of On The Boardr with Clint. Who ignored Clint's sponsor me tape? Why can't Clint get a shoe sponsor? Who is Jock and why does Clint hate him? He started filming for his X Games Real Street part just four months ago and discusses all that and more. It's a nice view into Clint's personality, too. Hey sketchy skateboard industry, let's get some shoes on this dude!

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Yonnie Cruz on The Boardr: Static IV, GX1000 Plans, and More

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Are you ready for the Static IV premiere this Friday at Tampa Theater at 10pm? We are hyped. HiDefJoe has Yonnie Cruz on The Boardr in our new feature where he discusses the GX edits and where it's going, what it was like filming for his Static IV part, and more. I first met Yonnie in 2002 when he was just starting to get good at skating and was beyond stoked on every new thing he learned from basic kickflips to bomb drops off the ramp decks. That outgoing, excitable personality remains through today where it's nice to see matched with great style in skateboarding.

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