DC Shoes In Stock

DC was started in skateboarding's golden era, the early 90's. I've heard two stories on what the initials stand for. At the time, Droors Clothing, associated with Danny Way and Colin McKay, was super hot. They started a shoe company and called it DC, for Droors Clothing. Or was it for Danny and Colin? I don't know, but when I see Danny Way at events we do, I'm always too intimidated to ask him. It's been amazing to watch DC's roots start over 20 years ago in skateboarding through what it is today, still supporting skateboarding first with one of the best teams out there including Nyjah Huston, Evan Smith, Felipe Gustavo, Mike Mo Capaldi, Wes Kremer, Matt Miller, and more. Our young friends skate for them and our old friends work for them, and they work with us doing some great skateboarding events around the world. We're proud to have DC as the first shoe brand in The Boardr Store!