Gonz Storage Space In Stock

Storage Space, A Mark Gonzales Art Installation Presented by adidas This project started with conversations with Mark about some old storage spaces he was renting in NYC. After explaining to us how he's been using the space as his attic with tons of forgotten work and collectible items stashed there, together we came up with the idea to go through this time capsule and turn it into an art show. The Boardr Boys took our truck and trailer from Tampa to NYC and worked with Gonz to pull out some amazing work and pieces of skateboarding history. We're spending time going through everything, closing our skate warehouse weeks in advance to prepare, and will have select items from the collection on sale, on auction, and on display only. During the week of the event, auction items will be published here. This Gonz installation is one of our most exciting projects of 2016. We hope to see you here for an interesting night of skateboarding history and work from one of the best minds of our time.