Mouse Movement In Stock

This Mouse and Hellaclips join effort is exclusively available here at The Boardr. In the words of Mouse:
Born and raised in Oceanside, CA, I was captivated by skating and the symbolism behind street art. I'd paint all my homies griptape, shirts, and whatever else I could get my hands on. They were psyched on the painted grip and I kept fine-tuning my style. As everyone began getting recognition in the media for their skating, the griptape I painted would be featured in the photos as well. Realizing others were hyped on my griptape too, I decided to work for myself and focus on further developing my skills as an artist and pushing out my grip out to the masses.

I'm psyched on this Mouse x Hellaclips limited edition griptape! Hellaclips are the homies from Oceanside, and we've been skating together for years, so its sick to be able to collaborate with them on this project. I hand sprayed each sheet of this limited edition grip in three color ways so get it before it's gone players.