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Our Work

Our mission is to guide how skateboarding looks to the world when big brands want to participate. We want your brand to remain authentic with a comprehensive understanding of the history and future of this highly unique, insular, and protective culture.

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Swatch and Nora Vasconcellos

Swatch recently hired us to work on a campaign piece with our client Nora Vasconcellos, adidas first female skateboarding athlete. Nora Vasconcellos is currently the alpha female of the skateboard world. Like many kids from her generation, Nora got the skateboarding spark by watching Reggie Rocket from the cartoon show Rocket Power. Originally from Pembroke, Massachusetts, Nora now resides in sunny Oceanside, California, where she can skate and surf as much as her heart desires. Swatch knew we were the go-to firm for the most authentic presentation of their brand in skateboarding culture.

Netflix Originals Film

When the producers of the Netflix Original movie "The Last Summer" needed to talent staffing and a recreated scene involving a full skateboarding event production, they were immediately referred to us by the community after they started their search for help. We organized professional skateboarders to fit the part and mobilized our events staff and equipment to recreate a full contest scene on set in Ohio. Our scope of work also included consultation on the appropriate presentation of skateboarding culture and other elements in the film.

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Your Brand and Board Reps

We'd love to discuss how your brand can fit into our culture of skateboarding. Contact Jesse Norton or call 212-844-9002 to get the conversation started.

Vans Logo Vans Park Series, the path to Olympic Park skateboarding.

Vans Park Series Sport Organizers

This ground breaking and game changing event series for park terrain skateboarding started in 2016. Vans knew to get it right, they needed to partner up with the team at Board Reps to create a top tier event that the industry and skateboarding professionals would support and attend. But work on VPS started long before that. In 2015, our sister company, The Boardr, sat down with Vans and hashed out everything from the fine details of seasonal rankings and points, to the long term picture and path to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Games. At each stop, The Boardr is contracted by Vans to provide full turnkey operational support.

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Tumi and Mark Gonzales

The world is lucky to have Mark Gonzales. There isn't another person like him. He is the textbook definition of legendary. From being the inventor of modern street skateboarding, to becoming a renowned artist and major style influencer, Mark has created a unique space that no one else can rival.

When Tumi approached us for a campaign involving the most influential skateboarder of all time, we helped them work with Mark Gonzales to ensure a presentation and alignment with skateboarding that respects the culture and accomplishes the brand's goals.

Red Bull Logo Red Bull Hart Lines, a Signature Series Event.

Red Bull Hart Lines

When Ryan Sheckler and Red Bull get an idea for one of the biggest new events in skateboarding, they know who to get to work with from the start. Nearly two years in advance, when it was just an idea over lunch, Red Bull and Ryan had already brought us in to consult, plan, and review everything from potential site visits to developing new and innovative scoring systems that changed the same old rules of skateboarding contests forever. Hart Lines was born out of all this work with a new format factoring in an element of speed. We have proudly produced three years of this leading Red Bull Signature Series event.

Smithsonian Logo

Innnoskate with the Smithsonian Institute

The Smithsonian Institution needed to begin properly documenting the history of skateboarding, including organizing events to bring public awareness of the project, so they immediately contracted with us to insure the project success now and well into the long future of Innoskate. Since its inception years ago, we've assisted with everything from getting skateboarding's most influential personalities present like Rodney Mullen and Tony Hawk to planning, executing, and documenting each event.

adidas Logo adidas Boost

adidas Boost

adidas wanted to present their latest technology, Boost, in the skateboarding market. Our concept was "Boost the Bar," a campaign around adidas Skate Copa that included an iconic skateboarding obstacle, the bump to bar, fitted and titled appropriately for the campaign. Skate Copa is a contest series we had also developed and executed for adidas. The Boost the Bar addition to each of the eight global events that year was instrumental in introducing the Boost line of footwear to the adidas Skateboarding fan base.

ESPN Logo ESPN World of X The Boardr Am

ESPN World of X and The Boardr Am

Our grassroots amateur skateboarding series, The Boardr Am, led to X Games Austin for several years. We produced and directed a one hour show for ESPN's World of X that followed the winners at each stop that were flown to the Finals for the experience of a lifetime. One of the winners that year, Jamie Foy, would not only go on to become a top pro, but is now Thrasher Magazine's Skater of the Year and represented by our sister company, Excel Management.

Our Staff

Jesse Norton


Jesse Norton has been fascinated by visuals ever since his grandmother sewed a Mike McGill patch onto his jean jacket when he started skating in 1985. Since then, he's logged 28 years of advertising experience and won multiple Ad Age Awards, working with every top ad agency on superbowl campaigns on down. There pretty much isn't a major account (Coke, Nascar, Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ford, etc) he hasn't worked on in some capacity yet. Jesse owns the worldwide animation studios as well as the advertising pre-vis group He believes the possibilities arising from skateboarding’s inclusion in the 2020 Olympics will be the milestone event of his lifetime. When not on either Coast, he's with his three children basking in the Colorado mountains. Ask to see the pics, they are truly amazing.

Ryan Clements


Ryan Clements has breathed skateboarding since 1985. Ryan built several premier skateboarding businesses, starting with his role as GM of Skatepark of Tampa in 1998. At SPoT he helped grow the brand to worldwide recognition, and gained enough infamy to be a character in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game franchise. In 2006, Ryan co-founded skateboarding events powerhouse SPoT Productions. Upon his departure from SPoT businesses, Ryan co-founded Excel Management to superintend the biggest athletes in skateboarding, making Excel the go-to agency for the cultivation of credible skateboarding careers. Co-founding The Boardr in 2013, he has been behind-the-scenes at events ranging from backyard mini-ramp jams and art shows, to live worldwide television broadcasts hosted on every continent. When he gets time at home, Ryan enjoys skating his "Dream Driveway," and taking his family to the neighborhood ice cream shop.

Bob Croslin


You may not know it, but you have been looking at Bob Croslin’s work for decades. Bob's photography skills in the early days of the Florida skateboard scene are why the visual record of that era looks so epic. Bob got his journalism degree in 1995 and spent the coming years shooting ads and editorials for ESPN, NBC, Time, and many more of the largest publication firms. In 2006, he started his own commercial photography brand, and has since shot countless premier athletes and celebrities. Bob's visual genius has lead him to produce advertising imagery for global brands such as WWE, Ford, Jim Beam, Animal Planet, etc. Bob can be found cycling and living the dream with his wife and daughter in St Petersburg, Florida and Washington D.C.

Rob Meronek


Skateboarding owes a huge debt to Rob Meronek. Without him, contests might still be judged with paper and pencil. When Rob decided to combine his knowledge of software with his decades of contest experience, the end result was "The Boardr Live," a scoring app that has revolutionized the behind-the-scenes operations of skateboarding events globally. It doesn’t matter if you are running a jump ramp contest in a mall parking lot or the Vans Park Series World Championships in China, Rob can format his product to fit any need, large or small. Don’t pigeonhole Rob as some industry nerd though, he is still a skate rat at heart, escaping to his backyard mini-ramp anytime he has a free moment to get out there and hit his favorite trick, the melon grab. He also helps his wife Brittany run her blossoming greeting card business, "Humdrum Paper," while still finding time to teach his two sons, Alvis and Remington, how to throw strikes at the bowling alley.

Our Affiliates

The Boardr

The Boardr concepts, develops, hosts, and organizes skateboarding's top events like Red Bull Hart Lines and Vans Park Series. We have built the current IOC contest path to qualify for the 2020 Olympics. In addition to touring the world for global contest management, the Boardr also owns and operates grassroots series such as The Boardr Amateur Series and the Grind for Life Series, where many of today's top pros and Olympic hopefuls were discovered years ago. These 15+ annual events target younger, newer participants and cover the United States. The Boardr Live™ software powers several top events in skateboarding, from payment transactions to live scoring and large-scale live broadcast data integration. The Boardr has direct, unique, and authentic access to the youth and millennial market worldwide.

Our media production arm has crafted jaw-dropping event-based videos for years. We have a fantastic mobile unit capable of traversing the country following skaters from their never mundane daily lives, to the final run on contest day. has designed, packaged, shot, posted, and promoted numerous projects for top brands inside and outside skateboarding's perceived purview. For skateboarding's first inclusion in the 2020 Olympics, has developed a multi-part epic, GRIND for 2020. This series chronically explores the oral history of skateboarding that only our access can provide. It also deep dives into the Olympic hopefuls and their endless athletic drama. We know the athletes to follow that will develop into worldwide talents that will be their respective countries' first Olympic champions. Human struggle and achievement is just good TV, and we capture it.

Excel Management

Excel Management has signed the industry's top skateboarding athletes. The roster includes Shane O'Neill, Alex Sorgente, and Brighton Zeuner, 2016 World Champions of Street and Park, respectively. We also manage skateboard icons like world-renowned artist Mark Gonzales, Odd Future founding member Na-Kel Smith, and the current Women's World Champion of Park, Nora Vasconcellos. With a focus on competition and management, our relationships and experience in the skateboarding business span three decades. Excel Management has deep personal relationships with the skaters that set the trends, fashions, and shifts in the industry.

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