The Boardr Live: Action Sports Scoring App

Used at Skateboarding's Top Events

The Boardr Live™ is a modern and full featured event administration and scoring app. It's cloud based and runs on any internet connected device or computer. Combined with our services, The Boardr Live can help you ensure that your event is executed in an easy, fun, and professional manner. The Boardr Live is used by adidas, Zumiez, Nike, Transworld, Copenhagen Pro, Zappos, Vans, World Skateboarding, Grind for Life, and more.


Complete Automation: From Registration to Instant Scoring

Leave the math, spreadsheets, complicated registration process, and tracking behind and concentrate on what matters: a fun and legit skateboarding event and experience. The Boardr Live will handle all the pre-registration, collection of entry fees (if any), check-in on site, scoring, automatic tabulation, automatic results publishing, and even integration with live broadcasting systems if your event is on the web, television, or on-site monitors.


Full Demo

Check out the full process including pre-registration, event setup, and live and instant scoring in the demo below. Additional features and event format details can be found here.