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Heat Progress

Heat 1:
5 people

= no scores in. = in progress.
= in progress, unfinalized scores. = completed.

Nelson Garza
Best: 60.62. Currently Advancing
Gustavo Servin
Fernan Origel


Place Skater Score
1 Cristian Huerta 64.15
2 Carlos Padilla 61.80
3 Nelson Garza 60.62

Runs Progress

Place High R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
1: Cristian Huerta 64.15 64.15
2: Carlos Padilla 61.80 61.80
3: Nelson Garza 60.62 60.62

Heat Order

Heat #1: Carlos Padilla

Age: 25. Aguascalientes Mexico.
"Litos" Nike SB, Fore Street, 643 Supply, Arre!, Gato Negro

Heat #1: Cristian Huerta

Age: 29. Mexico City Mexico.
Vans Mexico, Beat Skateboards, Hysteria Trucks, ARRE! Bearings, Gato Negro Griptape, DIV Clothing, Classic Caps

Heat #1: Nelson Garza

Age: 25. Monterrey Nuevo León.
Converse, Cartal de Santa SB, SGB Grip, THC

Heat #1: Gustavo Servin

Age: 23. Chihuahua MEXICO.
Zero (flow), Nike SB Mexico, Bones (flow), Sosa Grip, Loop Co.

Heat #1: Fernan Origel

Age: 32. DF .
Supra México, Monster Energy, Jart Skateboards, Yoyo, Antifashion, Super Skateshop